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Range of technical courses in Chesterfield

At the Cycle Repair Clinic, we repair and maintain all types of bicycles at very competitive prices. We also service electric bicycles. 

Comprehensive technical training

Do you need tips on bike maintenance? Looking for expert advice from a qualified instructor on cycle repair methods, techniques or just want to DIY? At the Cycle Repair Clinic we offer a comprehensive range of technical training courses designed to suit all age groups. Our friendly and knowledgeable bicycle mechanic will provide expert advice and tips on how to maintain and repair your bike.
Comprehensive bike training
 bike servicing

Keep your bike in tip-top condition

A few tips to keep your bike in top condition and reduce maintenance costs are:
  • Listen for noises
  • Oil your bike chain often
  • Check your tyres regularly
  • Check your bike brakes often 
  • Have your bike serviced regularly
  • Check the wheels spin smoothly
  • Ride your bike at the right seat height
  • Keep your bike covered when not in use
  • Don’t allow the brakes to skim the wheels
In case you need a detailed consultation on your bike’s performance or wish to customise your bike to suit your style, get in touch with us today. You may also visit our gallery page to see what we offer.
Are you interested in our bicycle training courses, for yourself, club or a group? telephone the Cycle Repair Clinic in Chesterfield on 01246 476 305 for more information

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