Bicycle restoration

Bicycle restoration

Bicycle restoration in Chesterfield

Do you want to restore your old bike and bring it back to its original condition? Cycle Repair Clinic in Chesterfield can help. 

Bicycle restoration services 

Cycle Repair Clinic will restore your old bicycle for you and bring it back to its original condition.

Apart from our regular repair and maintenance services, we also offer a range of technical courses to suit all age groups.
Bicycle restoration services
Bike parts and accessories

Visit us for

  • Bike parts and accessories 
  • Basic, general and full service
  • All types of repairs and maintenance
  • Bicycle restoration, assembly and custom builds
  • Disc brakes and bike suspension check
  • Hub gears, drum brakes and chain repair
Contact us for all types of repairs and expert advice.
Need to restore your old bicycle? Call Cycle Repair Clinic on 01246 260 907 today

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